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Get Started on Your Path

To Financial Freedom

A Strong Planning Process

Is the Best Way To Create a Financially Secure Plan

At Wealth Manager Group, we believe it is crucial to create a plan that serves as the foundation for your financial decisions. Together, we’ll work to determine what strategies are right for you based on your current circumstances and where you see yourself down the road.

What You Can Expect:

Step 1: 

Onboarding & Agreement

We’ll begin by conducting an overview of your agreement and investor policy statement .

Step 2:

Financial Dashboard

Next, you will be asked to enter your financial data into the appropriate client portal to begin the planning process.

Step 3: 

Organizational Meeting

Our team will then meet with you to review your financial data, fill in gaps, and discuss your goals and values.

Step 4: 

Goal Setting Meeting

We’ll go one step further to explore possibilities and scenarios for your financial future by setting achievable goals.

Step 5: 

Plan Review & Implementation

We will connect closely with you to review your financial plan and the recommendations we’ve outlined before determining implementation steps.

Step 6:

Implementation Phase

You can feel confident that we will implement the action items discussed in your financial plan in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Matt and Joe are CFP’s and Nina is currently working through the coursework to sit for the exam. We like to equate the CFP® to the CPA of taxes as most of us are familiar with what a CPA does. CFP®’s must complete a rigorous set of coursework covering multiple areas of financial planning then sit for a comprehensive exam. Once you pass the exam, meet minimum experience requirements, and sign the fiduciary oath, you are eligible to use the CFP® marks. The CFP® board requires us to complete continuing education, which is reported to the board. You can read more about the CFP® board code of ethics by visiting this page: https://www.cfp.net/ethics/code-of-ethics-and-standards-of-conduct

Matt and Joe are affiliated with Royal Alliance, which is an independent broker-dealer that is part of a larger organization called The Advisor Group. The Advisor Group has a total of six independent broker-dealers under their leadership, each of which offers their advisors different services. The advisor group has chosen to use Pershing, which is the largest custodian for investment accounts in the United States. On top of FDIC insurance, The Advisor Group has additional insurance to help keep your investments protected. Your investments will move up and down with financial markets, but in the event The Advisor Group experiences adverse financial events, there is ample insurance to protect you.

As a fiduciary, we are required to do what’s in your best interest. With the CFP® marks, we are also under a fiduciary oath (that’s why we mention it as a question to ask first). We do everything in our power to avoid conflicts of interest, and if we see something that could represent a conflict, we would be sure to discuss this with you.

A term often used is “comprehensive financial planner”. It’s a fancy way of saying we are knowledgeable in multiple areas of finance, investments, insurance, and more. We are familiar with taxes, but we are not CPAs. We are familiar with estate planning, but we are not attorneys. We will provide you with education in areas such as estate planning, tax planning and insurance but there are experts that focus on one specific area. If we believe it is necessary to bring in an outside expert, we will. We like to think we’re pretty smart, but we don’t know everything. Just ask our spouses.

It completely depends on your situation, but we offer quarterly meetings to most of our clients. The beginning of our relationship may involve multiple action items, so the first year or two may require more often communication and meetings than what is required in years three and beyond. It also could be dependent on what is happening in your life and as you are experiencing rapid change, we may be having more conversations than normal. We have our minimum meeting standards, but this could also vary based on your needs.

To see where you stand today financially, we need to collect and analyze your financial data. Our financial planning software offers an efficient way to keep your financial life organized. We also use it to share documents and store important documents such as a copy of your Trust. You can access the site securely from anywhere. The software is also a great way for us to keep track of your “to-do” list.

Every client is different, but two years from now we would expect your meeting frequency to be at a normal rhythm, you to see evidence of progress in your financial life. We often hear from clients and their spouses the phrase “I don’t know, ask Joe or Matt”. That is what we hope from our relationship with you.

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